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   We will be running on a block schedule format. This schedule will come out
no later than 6/12 & be based on the number of entries so that it is in the best interest of the
competitors. Every athlete will be allowed to have 2 spectators. No changing tents will be allowed. One costume will be able to be worn for all your solo events (besides those entered in the regional pageant) and judges will be notified to judge accordingly. Teams, Show Twirls & Rhythmics will be able to change costumes during their block in the restrooms and/or locker rooms. Not sure if concessions will be offered. Every athlete will need to provide his or her own water bottle. Health Screening will be required when entering the building. Masks will be worn at all times. More details will come out with
schedule on 6/12.



   The contest will be held on Saturday & Sunday allowing sanitation time between “blocks”. There will be a clinic offered during the weekend as well. We will have an awards ceremony for the Regional Pageant & Regional Events. All open awards will be able to be picked up with score sheets at a designated time. Practice gym will be available.

Entry Form

Postmarked by May 29th 2021

Please read the PDF entry (attached to the bottom right of this box) for all information. All team directors will need to fill out & email or mail in the attached entry along with your roster. Soloists can fill out paper entry and mail in with payment, OR submit electronically where you will then be emailed a credit card invoice for payment within 72 hours of submission. 


Make sure to check out our social media for the official Midwest Regionals tee-shirt unveiling! Coming soon!

2021 NBTA Midwest Regionals Entry

All questions, concerns, & additional information email to:

Check Events to be Entered

Open Events:
Regional Events:

Elite Clinic & Optional Items:

Thank you for submitting! Have a wonderful day! Love SLPA


SUBMITTING OF THE FOLLOWING HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT IS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS CONTEST: In order to induce Emily Wicks Hawkins to accept this application of the undersigned for the baton twirling competitions, I hereby release indemnify and hold harmless E.W.H., Directors, the Mehlville Majorettes & SLPA, Assistants, NBTA, MSD, their agents, employees, representatives, board members, and assigns from any and all claims, injuries or actions, that arise out of my participation in this baton twirling competition on behalf of myself, my heirs, assignees, legatees. agents or representatives. I further understand that my participation in this baton twirling competition is purely voluntary and that I enter into this Agreement knowingly and voluntarily!

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